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He's an artist, a sensitive introvert, yet talented soul who doesn't quite fit in. She's an extrovert who finds joy everywhere in life. Will a chance encounter flower into a lifelong relationship?

Oliver is a young and exceptionally talented artist. A tad awkward, shy, and with a mild case of OCD he's struggling to find his place in life.

Stella is a free-spirited young woman who, despite her foster care upbringing, is a lover of life. Full of positive energy, she radiates light everywhere she goes.

When he moves into town with his parents and meets Stella, life takes an unexpected turn. It's the beginning of four seasons of friendship, heartbreak, laughter, love, and adventure. As they learn to grow into their own being and enjoy life as it unfolds, they experience the beautiful, wonderful journey that it can be.

But will time allow them to grow together or will the events of life ultimately push them apart?

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