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Stephanie McBain is a Film Director, Writer, and President of McBain Entertainment Inc.


She received her start after writing, directing and producing an award winning short film "Embedded," a military drama. "Embedded" was then accepted into the G.I. Film Festival (2016) where she was nominated for Best Director. 


She created and directed a TV pilot called Queens of the Jungle in 2016 and she wrote and directed her first feature film in August of 2017 titled "Roads, Trees and Honey Bees." She then went on to write and direct another feature film called "A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane" in 2018. Both of these feature films gained international and domestic distribution. 

She just adapted one of her scripts into a young adult novella called "A Night at the Dreslen"  which was released December of 2020 and  she just wrapped filming on another holiday movie she directed called "Hashtag Blessed" Set to release holiday season 2021. 


She is currently set to direct 2 feature film in 2021. 




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